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We represent a forward-thinking philosophy in creative ways. Our mission is to
inspire the new generations and excel as the world around us evolves, with the
least environmental impact.

The history of the brand we like to joke that begun the moment that the younger of
the two brothers was born in 1968. The truth is that the Basehit brand was founded by two

young and ambitious brothers during the early ’90s in Athens – Greece, when they
decided to follow their passion and dreams and create their own clothing brand.
It was a challenging and demanding business idea, but in a few weeks, they were
setting up their first headquarters in the backroom of their family house. A few
months later, they managed to launch their first down jacket production, a very shy
and minimal outerwear collection.

It took a decade for Basehit brand to be expanded to all kinds of outerwear
clothing, covering but soon enough they were successfully covering more and more the
needs of its customers. After nearly three decades of progression and innovation,
Basehit has evolved into a lifestyle brand that provides high-quality sustainable
fashion garments.

Making the best product and providing the best service
is our highest priority.We design, build and distribute the
finest products that are contemporary,appealing as well
as affordable.


Our company culture defines our creativity in our products.
Ever since our beginning, we introduced original solutions with
our products. We invest in innovative ideas and technologies
in order to continue providing cutting-edge products and


We are more than a business, we are a family, all on
the same journey toward personal growth and improvement.
Family bonds are in the heart of our business; therefore,
our decisions are based on our long-term commitment
to quality and ethics. 

Our initiative starts now! We are planning to make our
world a better place to live in. This year we have begun
implementing sustainable practices, processes, and
materials in order to reduce our ecological footprint
on our home planet.

We are determined to give back to our community. We invest
in local development and support the local cultural scene.