We are a design driven company with intense product orientation for men’s and women’s outerwear. Our customers are active everyday people who work, party, love, live life…

The history of the brand we like to joke that began at the moment the two brothers who created Basehit and Emerson were born, this is 1966 and 1968. The truth is that Basehit was born in 1993, very shy and minimal at the time making down jackets. Soon Basehit expanded to all kinds of outerwear covering more and more the needs of the consumer.

In 2004 Emerson was used by the Basehit designers to experiment on new very progressive ideas that needed to be free of a brand name already existing. Soon Emerson ideas were enthusiastically accepted by the consumers.

There was no turning back. Emerson was standing next to Basehit as two brothers would. Competitive, with many common traits, but with unique differences that give each of them their own character and personality. One Brand completes the other but they can also stand on their own.

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